Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Plug In

You can become a partner by:


Invest in a community:

Choose a community of interest that you can sponsor to have CHE work established in that community. see communities turn back from poverty.


One-Time Donations:

Kindly donate towards the work of CHE in Kenya



We would like the body of believers to unite together in prayer for the land. Join our prayer network to pray for the issues and the work of CHE Kenya.


You can partner with CHE in the following ways:


You may adopt a community and or a missionary and/or a mission field. Your giving will assist those that you commit to adopt.

As an organization

Corporates are welcome to support CHE Kenya either through one-time giving or through regular support. this support can also be in form of resources. For more information, please contact the office, so that your resources may be matched up with the needs of a specific community.


Che Kenya advocates for the poor, those living with disabilities, the women, the girl child and the marginalized. We each have a part to play in the different areas