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Missionary Member Care is an arm of CHE-Kenya that is mainly concerned with care of Kenyan missionaries working amongst the unreached people groups of Kenya. This is done through offering: Spiritual support, Moral support, Logistical Support, Ministry Support and Sensitizing churches and believers on the need and importance of doing member care on those that they send to the mission field.

To provide training in care and empowerment, to help Kenyan missionaries develop their resiliency and capacity to minister to others by strengthening, nurturing, support and restoration.

It is exciting to see many Christian sending organizations and churches sending missionaries especially to the unreached areas or people groups. These, however poses a problem when it comes to sending and supporting the missionaries. This includes the individuals sense of the call, the confirmation of the call, preparation, orientation, choice of area and the return of the person who had been sent out. The concept was born as a result of the increasing number of missionaries returning prematurely from the mission field due to avoidable reasons.



  Community Health Everngelism CHE Kenya


Is to train and guide churches and sending organizations in the process of sending and supporting workers and missionaries. Every role player, that is, missionary, local church, sending organizations and support structure on the field, will understand their part in caring for the missionary.

Community Health Everngelism CHE Kenya  

CHE is focusing on developing a short term outreach program that will give opportunity to those wanting to develop their mission calling as well as provide platform for those who want to connect with what is happening in the community through site visits. The aim is to network and mobilize individuals especially business people and professionals who will partner with us as through creating a mission awareness.



Short Term team schedule:

US short term team (Llyod team)

Lloyd team arrive on 10th-19th April 2014