Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Ministry Areas

C.H.E. Urban Ministry

In the urban setting, CHE seeks to address issues such as Home-based Care to people living with HIV & AIDS, Economic Empowerment, Drug Addiction, Sanitation, urban agriculture and people living with disability.


The CHE urban Ministry also reaches out to Children, adolescents and Youths. Our Urban Ministry is currently operating in Shilanga, Kariobangi and Gituamba.


As it reaches out to the vulnerable members of the community, CHE has enabled those infected with HIV-AIDS, widows, orphans and the street-children to have hope and live fruitful lives. The CHE Urban slum has also witnessed the birth of successful micro-enterprise programs, and this will attempt to alleviate the root cause of the many evils that is caused by poverty.


C.H.E. Rural Ministry

Villages in the rural areas have been transformed through care and demonstration of Christ’s love by ministering to their physical need. Through these forums many lives have also been changed as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared to many.


Through the CHE ministry, many of the communities have also been able to start agricultural projects to sustain their families as well as empower themselves using the locally available resources.


CHE rural has its root in the Western region in areas such as Esiadumba, Ebwiranyi, Maseno, Kadol and Kaila; Lower Eastern Region in areas such as Kisiiki, Illumanthi and Katangi, South Coast and Narok Area.


C.H.E. Restricted Access Areas


Majority of these groups live in vast areas with minimum security, some live a nomadic lifestyle and others ascribe to different faiths.


Because of their lifestyle, CHE has taken to reaching out to this group by training Christian and non-governmental organization workers on effective strategies on reaching out to this communities holistically.