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CHE Training

Our strategy

A program has been developed and tested over the years to train people to want to establish a Community Based Program which integrates evangelism and discipleship. We can also assist those who have already established their own Community Based program and want to integrate evangelism and discipleship components.

The training consists of three one-week seminars spread over one year. This allows participants to put into practice what they have learned prior to moving on to the next seminar.

Our Goal

Is to introduce people to Community Health Evangelism concepts and to give them a vision and the How To’s for implementation and managing CHE in their organizations. The people trained can then return to their area to begin the program and train local villagers as CHEs.

Our Mission

Integration: of the physical and spiritual ministry, changing lives with the leverage of Christ’s demonstrated love.

Community Health Everngelism CHE Kenya Multiplication: through training of community members who will transform others, multiplying the results from community to community.

Community Health Everngelism CHE Kenya Community Ownership: This promotes propagation. A program directed by the community itself with minimum resources from the outside



TOT 1 equips people to become trainers of Community Health Evangelists [CHEs]. The intent is that they will choose a location in which to start their own Community Health Evangelism [CHE] program. TOT 1 focuses on the development philosophy of what CHE is and how to start a CHE program. Spiritually, it emphasizes Evangelism. As a result of TOT 1, the trainers return to their, choose a community in which to work, enter the community, and create interest within that community to implement their own CHE program.


Once a trainer has mobilized his community, he returns to the second phase of training. TOT 2 focuses on developing teaching materials and curriculum. Spiritually, we emphasize follow-up of new believers. As a result, the trainers are ready to train committee members and CHEs.


Individuals and organizations impacting communities require cutting edge knowledge and skills on several aspects of varied communities. CHE is an organization promoting Christ’s integral ministry in communities. The CHE East Africa Internship program offers those interested in effectively transforming their communities and programs spiritually and physically, hands on, intensive and engaging 6 week program. It entails being trained on transforming communities spiritually and physically, consequently training communities, learning how to effectively use locally available resources and visiting our project sites in Kenya.


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