Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine


Our Story

In a country where 58% are recorded to live below the poverty line, high levels of illiteracy, high rate of child mortality through preventable diseases and the high rate of HIV-AIDS, the passion of every believer is to be the change agent in their community.

Our focus as a ministry to sensitize believers on their role in transforming communities by providing them a sustainable strategy that will impact both spiritually and physically


Four Levels Of Results We Are Interested In


Changed individual lives, physically and spiritually.


Multiplying these results throughout a community in order for the community to be changed from the inside out.


A program to continue after outside assistance has left the individual community –sustainability.


We want to see an entire country changed physically and spiritually – saturation.

This can only be achieved through discipline believers in all the communities that we reach out to in line with our mandate (Math 28:19).


Our Vision

Our Vision as a ministry is to breathe new life into communities through a combination of evangelism and discipleship, disease prevention and promotion of community-owned development. We also train community members to reach and disciple their own people physically and spiritually

Our Mission

Taking the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all communities while seeking to establish a development mentality whose purpose is to integrate Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 25:37-40).